Sunday, March 16, 2008

Less than a week left before I install. After four years it seems impossible that this day is so near. Will it all work out? What will break first? You sort of have to expect that with this type of work. Seeing the walls together and freshly painted - Katerina called this week to offer help - thank God she did or I would still be at the studio right now. They look great! I decided to print test strips to make the arranging layout easier on me. I taped them up to get a feel for the layout but I think it will need more arranging, it's not quite there yet. Friday and Saturday were spent finalizing t-shirts, the plexiphotos and making the mounting system. I still have no idea if the standoffs will work as I've yet to make any tests. At this point they have to work.

One thing that has come together really great is the number of people who have pledged blocks of time. The slots are almost full! There is a total of 23 souls who will row for me. I can't thank them enough. There is no show without my rowers/performers. There will be slots open for the public to try as well.

It was spring break this passed week and it afforded me training time. I rowed and did yoga almost everyday. My body felt so good. Even better was my state of mind. I felt calm and relaxed. Still managed to get a lot done but without feeling frantic.


Today I met with four fellas from the Phoenix DIY group, Ryan Spicer, John Kittelsrud, Matt Metts, and Matt Mechtley who generously gave their Saturday afternoon to solder leads on all the LED strips. I couldn't cut wire fast enough--these guys were machines! We finished in less than two hours. The lights are actually quite bright and very lovely.

Ryan soldering leads.

Matt Metts and Matt Mechtley

Photos by John Kittelsrud.
Check out his website at the link above and more photos
here. Matt's photos here.

Youtube videos about Emergy here and here.


In the final stretch now toward show time. There have been some stressful moments and a nice meltdown last week - due to fatigue I'm sure - has somewhat clouded m perspective on a few things. But I can't stop now (I haven't in months.) I'm constantly worried I will forget something, will forget to write it on my list and therefore, not get it done. I'm acutely aware that I may run out of time and the fine details will not be attended to. I have to accept this.

The response from the Art One showing varied from curiosity to utter excitement. The most amazing to me was the persistence and return, despite their small bodies, of kids wanting to row over and over again. They were so determined to make the LEDs light up (I had set up a couple strips along the trim of the boat.) I knew then that I wil have to do something to make it possible for little kids to be able to row. I'm already thinking about future modifications.

Though there was a lot of initial excitement I had trouble convincing people to commit to blocks of time. How do I become a motivator - I just don't know? i'm realizing that though the boat may be the aesthetic focus of the work the nucleus is really the human body in it. Without the people it's just another art piece and for me, feels rather incomplete and truly inanimate. Life's worth isn't derived from our inanimate objects (even if they are beautiful and bring us joy.) Life's worth is measured by the quality of our relationships and the experiences these relationships gift to us.

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